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Citizens United for Reconstruction and equity Initiative (CURE) is a non-partisan, non-religious and non-profit organization for mobilizing citizens for social action and services. Membership is open to all Nigerians without any form of discrimination on the basis of age, gender, religion, tribe or party affiliation.


Our volunteers believe that they have to work free. They always fell happy to do something for the world.


Value of life is not in its duration, but it depends on how much you have donated others for their lives.


Care for each other can make happy together. Feeling careless to other people, they have also feel careless for you

Let's make a difference

Please join the local chapter of CURE nearest to you or start a chapter. Participate actively in CURE programmes and projects. Pay your membership dues and donate generously to CURE at all levels. Recruit more and more members into CURE to get majority of Nigerians to become active participants in nation building. Visit this website regularly for updates.

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How to help

We always fight against poverty and help them who loss everything by natural digester. There are different types of help provide by our volunteer members.

Fund Raising

Fund raising events are really a win-win situation, the public likes getting involved in activities that help others and worth causes or individuals benefit from the effort.


Explore the requirements for education and training. An excellent facility will typically require its staff to have specified degrees and related experience in the field.

Clean World

Some people choose to purchase canoe accessories and kayak rigging in order to protect the environment from unnecessary motor boating but helping the environment.

A Heartwarming Success Story

The story of R. G. Adefemi. As he succeeded, how she live with HIV and find a reason to stay alive. R. G. Adefemi found out she was HIV positive, and thought that was the end of the world, she was found by one of C.U.R.E volunteer when she was about to kill himself, watch the video and be inspired.

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Our Partners

CURE has partnered with leading brandings and individual to achieve great course and make the world a better place.

Latest News

Read more details about our work. We work to make a happy world. We know, we can not remove poverty from the world but believe that we can decrease poverty.



At CURE, we believe in a greater Nigeria and that is why we say, CURE Nigeria, Build Nigeria CURE Nigeria, Great Nigeria


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